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Oscar Pallme 

University degree in Mechanical Engineering, operative specialization in International Business.

Since 2016 he has been carrying out historical research on some economic sectors[1]:

1.    Development of the coral business (fishing, processing, trade) in the Mediterranean (1500-1900)

2.    Birth and development of the plastics machinery sector in Italy (1940-1990).


NOTE[2] : As strange as it may seem, there is a remote point of contact between the coral sector and the plastics sector: the banker Sebastian KLEIBER (*LI 1773; +FI 1836). In 1814 he was one of the new partners who recapitalised the most important coral workshop in Naples (Bartolomeo MARTIN & C). In 1827 he was one of the founders of the company for the exploitation of the copper deposits of MONTECATINI. One of KLEIBER's nephews and heirs, Horace HALL (*LI 1790; +FI 1867), married a cousin of the mother of Guido Donegani (*LI 1877; +Bordighera, 1947), who in the 20th century was president of MONTECATINI and transformed it from a mining company to a chemical company.


From 1998 to 2015, as management consultant, Oscar Pallme worked in the areas of Business Strategy, Marketing & Sales, International Business. He also dealt with issues related to "Management & Innovation" and the impact of Information Technologies on the various company functions.


He has been involved, on the topics of Innovation and/or Internationalization, by Entrepreneurs Associations, Special Agencies of Regions, National Coordinator Bodies of European Union projects.

He edited the following papers for Assolombarda

- Market-Innovation-Market: The virtuous circle for competitiveness, November 2007[3]

- Multidimensional Marketing: Sharing Value to Stay Competitive, February 2010


He wrote "The HILTI Italia experience: CRM strategies and solutions in B2B" published in the book

"Customer orientation. Customer relationship management as a business strategy", edited by Antonella Ferrari, Franco Angeli Editore, 2005. [4]

He has also written articles for various specialized magazines, including ZeroUno,, Impresa & Stato (magazine of the Milan Chamber of Commerce). [5]

Until 1997 he worked in the Business-to-Business sector for important industrial groups[6] and gained corporate experience (business globalization, operational management, strategic and operational marketing, export sales, new business identification and development) in the international arena.




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[2] Mediterranean Coral processing and the Family of Paul Barthιlιmy Martin, by O. Pallme, 2023, p. 97-98  

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