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Thanks to the competence and knowledge gained working (both as managers and as consultant) in various industries and geographic areas, Oscar Pallme is able to

a)    understand enterprises’ business and needs

b)    help enterprises to explore new markets, identify new opportunities and manage business development.

Problems and solutions are analysed carefully before recommendations are made.

-          Analyses and recommendations are always the result of an objective vision of both the enterprise customer and its target markets: they are only based on facts.

-          Before formulating recommendations, all points of view and possible alternatives are taken into account and analysed in detail.

Innovative ideas (based on Pallme’s competence and knowledge) are transferred to the customer only after they have been transformed into solutions tailored to its needs. 

Solutions are developed and implemented working in close contact with the entrepreneur and his staff. In this way they are involved in all phases of the project and after its ends, they are able to proceed on their own.

Good practices and professional behaviour are the basis of every project:

-          the customer’s interests are taken care at the highest level

-          customer’s information and data are kept confidential and never revealed

-          proposed solutions are deemed appropriate to the needs of the customer, regardless the point of view of the employer and/or its staff. We stay independent and able to disagree, regardless of the popularity of our views or their effect on our fees.

-          the best level of service is delivered to every customer in the most efficient way, as if customer’s business were Pallme’s own business



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