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Welcome to my Family web site !

This is the web site of the Pallme Family whose roots are in Steinschoenau (North Bohemia) at least since 16th century.

The town of Steinschoenau in 1835. The watercolour painting of that period.

It seems that Steinschönau was the origin centre of all the Bohemian Pallmes. 

In 1669, there were 46 families having this name: 181 people on a total of 766 hinabitants (23.6%).

The family name is also written Palme in some Bohemian documents. It is sure that the proper writing form before the 18th century was "Pallme" with double-L for all the Families. Many families changed the writing form "Pallme" to "Palme" at the beginning of the 19th century.

For this reason, in this web site are also mentioned the Palme people that used to live in this village and that are to be considered part of the great Pallme Family (see also Family Name).

Oscar Pallme (-Tausch)

Click here to see map Austro-Hungarian Empire (1882): Bohemia

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