Pallme Family

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N. Bohemia & Saxony


I wish to let you have some considerations about the history and the roots of my Family. They are based

  1. on my researches carried out in Italy,

  2. on data that I received from the Litomerice State Archive (Bohemia),

  3. on the information received from other members of the Pallme Family that are nowadays living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, USA.

In the present paper I am using the word

"Family" mainly to denote the whole people having name Pallme (or Palme);

"Clan" to denote the whole Pallme (or Palme) people having the same addition-name to their surname ("Beiname" in German). Sometimes, I can also use the word "Family" in the same context;

"Line" to differentiate group of people within the same clan: it denotes a "branch" of the clan.

"family" to denote each single family of the clan

I have to thank all the persons that shared with me information related to their ancestors and mainly the following

  1. Frau Thusnelda Palme of Klagenfurt (Austria), who investigated together with her husband, member of the Palme-Mahl clan, on the different Pallme/Palme clans that used to live in Steinschönau, Parchen, Haida, Schelten/#/;

  2. Herr Thorgunt Palme of Lausanne (Switzerland), who is investigating on his ancestors who used to live in Schönlinde/*/ and on the Palme-Tausch clan of Parchen, Schelten, Tuscany;

  3. Frau Ingrid Solfronk of Gundelsheim (Germany), daughter of Bruno Palme (-Mahl) -who lived in Steinschönau until 1945 as owner of the crystal chandelier factory Palme & Walter-, who also investigated on the Pallme/Palme family.



/#/  Steinschönau, Parchen, Haida, Schelten are villages of the bohemian crystal cluster located in the county of Boehmisch Kamnitz.

/*/  Schönlinde was one of the villages of the bohemian textile cluster located in the county of Boehmisch Kamnitz.