Pallme Family

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Origin - 14th Century
Origin - 16th Century
Family name
Pallme Clans
American Pallme
Saxon Pallme

Pallme Family of Steinschönau

My family, member of the Pallme-Tausch clan, used to live at Steinschönau 70 (Kingdom of Bohemia) up to the beginning of last century before moving to Italy. /1/, /2/

The village was located near Böhmisch Kamnitz (This area was known as ‘Sudetenland’ and is nowadays part of a Czech protected region called ‘Bohemian Switzerland’. On the northern side of the border, there is the homologous forest known as ‘Saxon Switzerland’).

There were in Steinschönau many families having name either ‘Pallme’ or ‘Palme’: all these families were members of the Pallme Family (see Family Name)
For this reason, they used to have a second family-name (König, Mühl, Gott, Mahl, Tausch, etc.) as distinction (Clan). But in the documents, it was not always added to ‘Pallme’ as Family name.

Also my family had a second family-name: it was ‘Tausch’ . /2/

It is sure that only the clan Pallme-König had officially united the two names as surname.

For other clans it remained only a differentiation. /2/, /6/