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Pallme Family

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I would like to get in contact with the members of the following families whose roots/origin
are in Bohemia

that are descendants of Johan Franciscus Pallme (born in 1698 at Steinschoenau). 
    They had business activity in Bohemia (Steinschoenau, Schelten, etc.), Italy (Trieste, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Livorno, Pisa, etc.), Egypt/Sudan (Cairo, Khartoum, etc.), Turkey (Costantinople/Istanbul, etc.), USA, etc.
    In the past, the surname was written in different ways (Pallme, Palme, Palm, Pallm, etc.) even between the members of the same family.
According to my last information the Pallme families that were living in
Bohemia changed name (from Pallme to Palme) between the end of 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century.

that are descendant of Francesco (Franz) Langer from North
Bohemia. He stood as godparent to my great-grandfather in 1841 in
    The Langer family was business partner of the Pallme family in Italy
(Trieste, Napoli Palermo, etc.) untill the the first-half of 19th century.

that are descendants of Johan David Wagner (Glass trader in
1734) from either Steinschoenau or Parchen

that are descendants of Christian Martin Heltzel (born in 1703 at Steinschoenau).

that are descendant of Franz Grohmann who was in 1818 "Revierjaeger" in Hasel (near Böhmisch Kamnitz).

that are descendant of Josef Arlt (born in 1803) and Johanna Teresia Pallme (married in 1839 in Steinschoenau)

that are descendant of Daniel Weidlich who was " Glasrafineur" in 1869 at Steinschoenau.

that are descendant of J.U.D. Klepsch living in 1869 at
Böhmisch Leipa.

in order to exchange information about our common ancestors. 

You can contact me either via E-mail ( contact message ) or via mail

Oscar Pallme (-Tausch)
Via G. Morelli, 1
20129 Milano (Italy)